Birth goals: Mum has baby in 3 minutes while waiting for car oil change

newborn baby's hand with dad

When US mum Amanda Sherman stopped by a Nissan dealership for a speedy oil change with her hubby Adam last week, she had no idea that she was about to birth her third baby in an equally speedy three minute labor.

Special delivery

Amanda had been waiting with her hubby as mechanics changed their car’s oil, taking a trip to the loo while they got on with the job.

“Over the span of a few minutes, Amanda sent her husband a series of texts that escalated from experiencing some pain to the baby arriving,” the Nissan dealership team posted on their blog.

“I went to pee and then, I don’t know, I was all of the sudden holding her!” Amanda recalls, speaking last week to The Tribune Review about her new daughter’s arrival.

As luck would have it, the exact right person was on hand during this mum’s “speed birth”.

“I hollered for help, and some woman who happened to be a registered nurse came through the doors,” Amanda remembers.

Cochran Nissan’s Sales Manager, Doug Ward, apparently heard a single scream and then was told a baby had arrived.

“Someone’s wife just gave birth!”

Baby daddy Adam says he’s still coming to terms with the speedy chain of events.

“I’m still replaying what happened. I was talking to a service rep, and someone ran into the room shouting, ‘Hey, someone’s wife just gave birth!’ Now the baby is here,” the surprised dad said.

He was apparently in complete shock at what was unfolding, but managed to pull it together enough to listen to the emergency phone operator and care for his wife, as the ambulance was quickly dispatched.

The Tribune reports Adam tied off the umbilical cord with his shoelace, MacGyver style, before the ambulance arrived and whisked Amanda and the couple’s newborn off the local hospital.

Still in shock

Heather Lynn was born happy and healthy, weighing in at 7 pounds, 11 ounces. She’s a baby sister for 14-month-old AJ and 5-year-old Emma Rose.

“She’s healthy, but it’s all still kind of a blur. I think I’m still in shock. I still can’t get over how fast it happened!”

Amanda said she hardly felt any pain or contractions. #BirthGoals

A first

The folk at the dealership were pretty shocked by the amazing speed of the birth too. This is the first baby born on their turf.

“All of the sudden, I saw an ambulance pull up. That’s a first, right? We haven’t had anything like this before. It’s definitely something you don’t see or hear every day,” Sales Manager Brett Lewis said.

Apparently the surprise arrival didn’t even get in the way of a good day’s trade.

“Everyone here really took care of them, and we still managed to sell a few cars that day,” Brett laughed.

Congratulations to Amanda, Adam, AJ and Emma Rose! Welcome baby Heather!

(Adam did return to the dealership to complete the service, too. In case you were worried about that.)


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