Parents create Birde – a safe media player for kids (they can’t break!)

Feeding Birde 'seeds'

Here’s a breakthrough in technology all mums will love – a media device designed for preschoolers.  

This means it plays content we’re happy for them to consume, and it’s built to withstand the inevitable drops, kicks and knocks kids will bring its way. Plus, you can even rinse their grubby remnants off it  – because wait for it – it’s also washable!


Say hello to Birde

Cheep, cheep!

Birde is the solution to preventing your little one grabbing and breaking your phone when you’re out and also watching inappropriate content on your tablet or TV.

Developed by parents Daniel and Leah Corkin, Birde allows your preschooler to safely interact with technology without a screen, mouse, keyboard or remote control – which our little ones find fiddly and are also easy for them to break.

The colourful console has a speaker which can be synced with devices such as Smart TV, Apple TV or your iPad. This means you can play videos and more from your home library.

Oh, and if it happens to get Vegemite fingers on it, simply wipe it or give it a rinse under the tap as it’s also waterproof.

Girl watching Wiggles on Birde

Your child can ‘feed’ Birde

As if that’s not preschool-friendly enough, little Birde will need feeding with ‘Birde Seeds’. Cute!

The ‘seeds’ all have age-appropriate content, such as Play School, The Wiggles, StoryBots, Counting with Paula and Dinosnores

To use, little ones simply tap their Birde Seed against the Birde console, giving them the chance to call the shots on what they watch or consume.

Feeding Birde 'seeds'

Promoting independent learning 

By giving little learners the chance to select their own content, Birde promotes independence, which we all know is the biggest thing our little ones crave.

Parents still in charge

While independence is promoted, Birde is also designed so that parents are still the ones in charge. By using the app on your smartphone you can restrict content, as well as control volume and more.

“Our biggest fear was the amount of inappropriate content our kids could find on devices like tablets. Plus all of the ‘kid friendly’ products still sit within technology that is designed for adults – breakable phones, confusing remote controls and streaming services that continuously play episode after episode. I wanted something that was completely designed for kids,” says creator Daniel.

Birde is great for home and on the go, as it’s wirelessly rechargeable.

Birde app

Priced at $249, Birde will be available online from November 2017. 

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