BiKN – it’s a beacon for your lost stuff (works on kids too)

Every time my mum visits my house, she misplaces her car keys. In fact, it is so regular that it’s almost farcical and each time she says to my kids, “Now, where did Nana put her keys?”, I have to stop myself from laughing (or screaming in exasperation).

If you’re an habitual misplacer, you need BiKN. Pronounced ‘beacon’, it’s a nifty tracking system that combines a special iPhone case, an app and up to eight tags that can be attached to items of your choice (think keys, dog, favourite soft toy, child…) Should one of your tagged items go missing, BiKN will help you find it.

BiKN works in three different ways. Firstly it ‘finds‘ lost items using a visual display and an audio tone (wouldn’t it be fun if it said “Getting warmer… Warmer… Hot!”). It also has a ‘leash’ mode that warns if your tagged items are separated from your phone, beyond your preset distances. Lastly, there’s a ‘page’ function that sends an alert to tagged objects (very useful for children) if they stray too far.

BiKN may well have been designed for finding keys but honestly, it has all sorts of applications for kids, doesn’t it?!

The tags need to be charged occasionally but because there’s a battery in the BiKN iPhone case, the system doesn’t drain your phone battery. The ‘leash’ and ‘page’ modes don’t require the BiKN app to be operating, so can be used even if your phone is turned off.

BiKN Starter Kits containing an iPhone case and two tags are US$129.99. Kits are available in a various colour combinations. Additional tags are US$49.99 for two. BiKN ships internationally.

(via Lifehacker)

Katrina Whelen

Katrina studied planning and design, did the hard yards working in a big office building and then traded it all in for a relaxing (!) life at home with four children. She now fills her time with writing, completing a degree in genetics and taxiing her children around Melbourne to their various sporting commitments (not necessarily in that order).

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