The big scenes created using tiny toys

His work looks so real that you can almost hear the dinosaur roar. But Felix Hernandez Rodriguez didn’t travel through time to the Jurassic Age and face off with a mighty T-Rex. He snapped it all in his studio using a plastic dinosaur toy and some concrete blocks.

The Mexican photographer has given a name to what he does: dreamphography. The artist has let his imagination run wild and created extraordinarily realistic scenes using toys, flour, dry ice and tricky camerawork. The results have to be seen to be believed.


Felix says it’s his “thoughts and dreams mixed with photography” and he doesn’t try to portray what exists, but instead portray what exists in him.


Toy cars, plastic dinosaurs and scale models have been used to great effect, with the photographer saying creating the pictures is his biggest pleasure.

hernandez star wars 2

hernandez star wars 3

“(It’s) like a powerful drug, that one becomes addicted,” Felix says on his Facebook page.

“All the effects are made in camera. Combining scale models with real models and a little bit of dry ice.”

hernandez star wars

In the end, he says his small scale photography is “just a mix of playing and technical photography”.

hernandez star wars 4

“The hardest part lies in our minds and in our hearts – staying childish, foolish, and dreamy,” he tells PetaPixel.


Gain a little insight into the hours it takes to capture the images with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the photo The Love Car:

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(images via 500px and Facebook)

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