Mum of newborns Beyonce drank some wine – and strangers are furious about it

Beyonce and Jay-Z

In the latest instalment of the Outrage Olympics, Beyonce – who recently gave birth to twins Rumi and Sir and is already mum to daughter Blue Ivy– is apparently not allowed to drink wine because she might have forgotten she might be a breastfeeding mum. Perhaps. Maybe. Wait. What?

Welcome back, Beyonce!

Indeed, Beyonce has resumed her regularly scheduled posting to Instagram, and her latest uploads are attracting the ire of bored and presumptuous types.

One shot in particular, which shows the superstar singer and mum-of-three sipping from a glass of red wine, has piqued their snotty outrage on a number of fronts.

Firstly, people were fixated on Beyonce’s boobs and deduced that she must be breastfeeding her babies.

“Omg you have a lot of milk , Be”

Secondly, people were angry that she drinking wine and then (possibly, very, very hypothetically) breastfeeding her bubs.

“You feed your children with your breast why do you drink?!”

Thirdly, people are acting as though she was tipping vino into the twins’ precious little newborn mouths.

“Drunk baby!”

Fourthly, people are worried about the Illuminati weaving their magic on Queen Bee.

“Wake up Beyonce, don’t let them control you!”

Insert sound of crickets right about now.

Nope. No. Nada.

So here’s the thing/s:

1. It’s kinda creepy to stare at someone’s boobs, trying to work out if they’re full of breastmilk. Do not do this. It’s not okay. #Ugh

2. It’s kinda stupid to assume that – just say she IS breastfeeding – she’s not up to speed with current guidelines around drinking and feeding. #Rude

3. It’s not up to us to start theorising about whether she’s pumping milk, breastfeeding/not breastfeeding etc. #NotOurBusiness

4. It’s terrible for anyone to assume that Beyonce doesn’t know how to best care for her babies! #Insulting

Education trumps criticism

We’re wary of defending Beyonce in too much serious detail, because she hasn’t been keen to share too many details about her parenting approach herself. (Which is her right!!)

Suffice to say that she’s a grown woman – and experienced mum – who knows exactly what she’s doing. To those on the cusp of adding to the judge-y Beyonce boob pile-on, know this:

“As a general rule, it takes 2 hours for an average woman to get rid of the alcohol from 1 standard alcoholic drink and therefore 4 hours for 2 drinks, 6 hours for 3 drinks and so on. The time is taken from the start of drinking. The Feed Safe app can help you work out these times more accurately.” – source

If a woman has stockpiled breastmilk, before having a drink or three, her baby/babies can be fed with that milk and she can resume feeding once the alcohol is out of her system.

Supposing she is exclusively breastfeeding that is. Maybe she’s not! #NoneOfOurBusiness

Let’s accept that mums have their babies’ best interests at heart, and usually care MUCH MORE about their kiddos than random ‘concerned’ strangers on the internet. 

Stop the judgment and soak up the Bey-brilliance instead. :)


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