Breaking: Beyonce and Jay-Z reveal (and trademark) their new babies’ names

Beyonce and Blue Ivy

As many fans and followers patiently await official word on the babies – and maybe even a picture –  from the Beyhive, the Carters have apparently trademarked their newborn twins’ names.

Privacy please

In a non-traditional but sensible superstar protocol, the Carters have taken steps to secure the trademarks on their baby twins’ names. They did the very same thing for firstborn daughter Blue Ivy.

“Beyoncé and Jay-Z appear to have named their new twins. The couple have reportedly registered in the US to trademark ‘Rumi Carter’ and ‘Sir Carter’,” The Guardian are reporting.

The Guardian join a multitude of media outlets approaching the birth of the Carter twins with frustration and confusion, as Beyonce and Jay-Z choose to welcome their twins in uncharacteristically private style.

 There’s been no official announcement yet on the birth of the twins, no first photo of the babies and no official word from the Beyhive on the babies’ names. 

In contrast, the birth of the couple’s first child, 5-year-old Blue Ivy was much less under-wraps. Back then, the first time parents released a statement welcoming their baby girl on January 9th, just two days after the birth.

“Hello Hello Baby Blue. We are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, born on Saturday, January 7, 2012,” they announced, back in Blue’s day.

No news is good news

Beyonce had been very forthcoming about sharing pics of her pregnant self as she awaited the arrival of these babies, but has gone full media blackout since their reported birth some time around June 19th.

The media frenzy surrounding the twins’ arrival would be enough to scare anyone out of the spotlight, but we’re also wondering if Beyonce’s father’s very, very premature and thunder-stealing announcement that the twins had arrived may have the mum-of-three raising her middle finger to interested parties and hunkering down with (less blabber-mouthed) close family and friends.

It’s her – and her baby dad’s – news to tell, when she sees fit, after all…

Why so secretive?

Maybe the couple are keeping the babies as far from the media spotlight as possible, for as long as possible to preserve their newborn innocence? Or perhaps the family is cleverly keeping all eyes on Jay-Z, whose new album dropped over the weekend, maintaining the world’s attention for as long as possible? Who knows?

Suffice to say that we’ll be clapping eyes on babies Rumi and Sir sooner or later – or at the very least, their famous parents will emerge from the newborn nest to further remind us of the excellent creative work they are doing. (Jay Z was briefly spotted leaving an LA hospital on June 19th but he did not speak to media.)

We’re (not so) secretly hoping for a glimpse of the babies and their big sister together very soon, truth be told!

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