Beware the nail scissors! Sarah Harris gives son disastrous hair cut

Studio Ten's Sarah Harris

On the eve of his first birthday, Studio 10 journalist Sarah Harris has confirmed her adorable baby Paul is on the cutting edge of fashion, with an edgy hair-cut that’s part indie-kid and part Jagged-Little-Fringe.



Emergency trim

The mum-of-one had previously captured baby Paul with hair just skimming his (reindeer) eyebrows. (See below)

It seems that yesterday, snips got real, with Sarah realising that an urgent trim was in order and the nail scissors she had on hand would do nicely, thank you very much.

Posting the fashion-forward results of her Sassoon-moment on Instagram, Sarah wrote:

“I cut Paul’s hair. With nail scissors. Note the jagged fringe. I’m in trouble.”

We’ve all been there, right? Well. It seems that some mums had.


Join the gang

Commenters on Sarah’s Instagram pic shared their own stories of unconventional haircuts. It seems nail scissors were indeed a theme, but not the worst of it…

“Both my boys’ first haircuts were with nail scissors,” Leewaz wrote.

“Been there, done that!” ThreadsForBoys commented in solidarity.

“I shaved my little boys head at about that age – with my bikini trimmers” Insta_Trudy said.

“It’s fine. He looks like an NRL player…” NeilWrites quipped.

A fortnight of firsts

Sarah married IT specialist Tom Ward back in 2014 and their little guy Paul made his appearance in December 2015.

Paul will turn one tomorrow – bundling his first birthday, first wonky fringe-trim and first Christmas into one action-packed fortnight.

Happy Birthday, little guy! Congratulations on your new do!


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