Better sleep for babies with the comforting Lulla Doll

Lulla Doll from Roro Care

There’s a new weapon in the never ending quest to help babies sleep and settle well – and her name is Lulla.

The idea of using white noise to help babies settle at night is nothing new. Neither is the idea of letting the baby sleep on you for hours and hours because she likes the feel of being close. But now one company has combined those two ideas into a cute and cuddly doll which just might help you settle your baby or toddler that little bit more easily.

It’s the Lulla Doll from Icelandic company RoRo Care, and it has a high and lofty purpose in life – to help babies sleep longer, feel better, and stay safe. Sure, she’s cute to look at, and made from cuddly soft cotton, but there’s more. Inspired by research into how closeness with parents comforts babies and helps them to stabilise their own breathing, the Lulla Doll has her own soundbox which plays a real life recording of a mother’s breathing and heartbeat, to comfort the baby and help them sleep. Once the soundbox is activated (by pressing the doll’s chest) it plays on a continuous loop for eight hours before turning itself off.

As with so many new and innovative toys recently, RoRo Care are crowdfunding to release the first edition of Lulla Dolls. The crowdfunding appeal runs until December 5, and it’s a great way to not only contribute to the production of a fabulous new doll, but also to get one yourself. You can see all the details at Indiegogo. The early bird price for the first release of Lulla Dolls is US$49 per doll, plus shipping outside of the UK. After the appeal is over the estimated price of the dolls is US$79 each.

Lulla Doll from Roro Care

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