Is this the best pregnancy secret ever?


A Florida woman invited her family and friends to visit her at the hospital where she’d just given birth, and they couldn’t wait to find out whether she’d had a boy or a girl. But they were in for the surprise of their lives…

Sharon and Korey Rademacher surely have an incredible amount of patience (which will put them in good stead as parents!). They were able to keep a rather large secret from family and friends, for Sharon’s entire pregnancy – she was actually having twins!



The reaction from the couple’s family and friends is absolutely priceless, as each walks into the hospital room, and takes a peek around the curtain. Take a look at the video below:

The Huffington Post reports that the couple had twin girls on March 12, and not even the couple knew the sex of their babies. But they did know they were having twins. Otherwise, that would have been the best pregnancy secret ever!


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