Bellabeat’s new Leaf Urban wearable helps women predict fertility and deal with stress

Bellabeat has just announced its next generation health and wellbeing tracker, the Leaf Urban. It’s a jewellery-style wearable that’s just for women and it’s the first ever wearable to predict and provide coping tools for stress. It can even help you get pregnant.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban app activity

Bellabeat is a San Francisco company that makes wearables just for women. Its first device, the Leaf, can be worn as a bracelet, brooch or pendant. Leaf Urban has a sleek new look that’s more city than nature, and the company has built on the Leaf’s many talents to create a next generation wearable to help women cope even better with their daily lives.

The Leaf Urban does many of the things a normal wearable and app product does. It tracks heart rate, counts steps, measures sleep patterns, but it does all this with a woman’s body in mind. It tracks periods and there’s a fertility calendar so it can be used as a tool to help you fall (or avoid falling) pregnant.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban brooch

Managing stress was a big consideration in the design of the Leaf Urban. “Based on the data we collected from the first generation of Leaf, we were able to find a correlation between activity, sleep, a woman’s period and stress levels,” Bellabeat  co-founder and CEO Urska Srsen tells Tech Crunch.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban app

If you’ve ever faced a long day of kid-wrangling with little sleep or pre-menstrual syndrome, this correlation won’t surprise you. The Urban Leaf can help the wearer predict stress triggers like sleeplessness or periods and give her health feedback to help her cope with the stress. For example, the app includes mediation exercises to manage period pain and stress.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban necklace

The Leaf Urban is made from a water-resistant wood composite and stainless steel. It can be worn as a necklace for day-to-day activities or as a bracelet or clip for things that require more movement like yoga class, or tearing across the playground after your toddler who has a knack for quietly wandering off.

The Leaf Urban comes in silver ($158) or rose gold ($173) and you can join the waitlist online at Bellabeat.

(via Tech Crunch).

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