Beer and braids hairstyling class getting dads out of a tangle

I am convinced dads do have it in them to complete tasks that they pretend to be completely incapable of. A load of washing? I think deep down they do know not to mix darks and lights. Making the bed? They can pile on those pillows when it comes to the crunch. But doing hairstyles on their little miss? Uh-oh.

Of course, there are some dads that have nimble fingers when it comes to their daughter’s ‘dos’. Still, there’s something about plaiting three sections of hair that turns most men into a fumbling, frustrated mess.

A Melbourne hairdresser has come to the rescue with workshops for dads to learn how brush up their skills for styling their daughter’s locks.

It’s a local take on the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory started by Florida single dad Philippe Morgese, who leads free classes for dads who want to learn the secrets of doing simple hairstyles.

Ashwood hairdresser Cat Allan has started the Beers and Braids one-hour sessions at her Glamzilla salon in Melbourne’s south-east – and men have been signing up from all corners of the city to take back what has essentially been mum’s domain.

The men leave knowing how to do “pain-free” brushing, use detanglers, tie a ponytail and create a fishtail and flower braid.

“Dads tend to find that, because they don’t have hair themselves, they don’t know what to do with their daughter’s,” Cat tells the Herald Sun.

She says many fathers hadn’t picked up a hairbrush before having a daughter.

dad does hair2

“As long as they can get the brushing of their hair pain-free, and be able to manage a ponytail and sometimes a basic plait, then I feel like I’ve achieved quite a lot,” says Cat.

Dads admit to “struggling” if their wives are not there to lend a helping hand.

Dan Robinson joined the class because he was keen to do a better job with daughter Sienna’s hair.

“I can do a ponytail. I can put a clip in. I’m not very experienced with braids and plaits and things like that,” he says. “I think every little girl likes to have her hair done. It would be nice for her if her dad can do her hair, too.”

Do you know of any other hair salons running classes for dads? We’ve love to hear about them here at Babyology, so drop us a line.

(via the Herald Sun)

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