Bedtime stories revolutionised with new smartphone attachment, Moonlite

Bedtime stories are a favourite in most families, but in true 21st-century style, even something as old and unchanged as the bedtime story is about to be transformed forever.

“Imagine projecting your child’s favourite bedtime story onto the ceiling or wall while you are snuggling in bed with them?” writes the Kickstarter page for Moonlite, the app that’s changing the way parents share bedtime stories with their children.

Moonlite device on iPhone

Its sole creator is American mum-of-one, Natalie Rebot, a former Google employee and software engineer. Natalie came up with the idea one night when, in an effort to keep her four-year-old daughter Chloe entertained, she started making shadow puppets on the ceiling using her smartphone flashlight.

Moonlite creator Natalie and her daughter

But while that game would be enough for most parents, Natalie put on her software engineer hat and started developing a mini-projector device that could attach to (almost!) any phone, and use the flash source from the mobile to project images onto a flat surface. Brilliant in its simplicity.

She called the product Moonlite, and created an app that tells the story with words and sound effects while the images are flicked through, much like the old fashioned View-Masters.

Moonlite app how it works

Natalie says that Moonlite has “made our bedtime routine simply magical. It has revived the excitement of reading and most importantly, it has helped nurture and fuel Chloe’s imagination while creating an incredible bonding experience that we both look forward to every night.”

The project launched on Kickstarter in November 2016 with a goal of raising $20,000, now just two months later it has an incredible $284,000 pledged with just days to go.

What do you think of the Moonlite device? Would you buy it for your kids?


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