BedSOK has the kids covered – in bed



Here’s yet another incredible creation to file under “why didn’t I think of that?” It’s a sleeping bag for kids’ beds, how clever is that?

Tucking my boys in at night is a futile task, which is more a force of habit then a necessary task – as invariable, their covers are thrown off in a matter of minutes. And later comes the middle-of-the-night wake up, due to cold toes/hands/knees etcetera. I have wistfully dreamed of such an invention that would keep my children in bed, their covers on and their bodies warm. Alas, I have not the time, talent nor inclination to create such a thing – but thankfully an astute Aussie family has solved all of my bedtime woes!



Introducing the BedSOK – an all-in-one sheet set, which incorporates child-friendly zips and stretch ribbing – which ensures the covers stay on and the kids stay snug.

Designed in Australia the BedSOK is such a simple and ingenious concept, that’s had a whole host of thought and design process behind its inception. The zips on either side are large – which makes it easier for older toddlers and children to take some ownership over getting in and out of bed.


The elastic around the fitted sheet keeps it in place securely, while the stretch ribbing across the top of the flat sheet keeps it firmly in place across the child’s chest. Safety features include protective zip covers,  and unattached slits at the bottom of both sides of the bed.


So, of course there are plenty of benefits in making sure sleep is as comfortable as possible for children, but here’s one selfish benefit I can see – the BedSOK will no doubt ensure bed making is a snap! Just pull up the covers, do up the zips and, hey presto, bed done!

The BedSOK comes in three sizes – cot/todder ($79.90), single ($89.90) and king single ($89.90). The sets include a pillowcase and come in either cotton or flannelette. They’re available directly from BedSOK, which ships across Australia and internationally.

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