Above-the-bed playground gives parents a chance to actually sleep in

Tired of the kiddies waking you up every morning by using you as a jungle gym? There’s a solution for that. And it’s as glorious as can be.

Come and explore an indoor playground that promises parents a sleep in and offers the kids a chance to explore.

indoor playground 5

What do you do when you are simply over the kids waking you up every morning? You build a playground above your bed.

indoor playground 4

This is what Russian architectural studio Ruetemple has done to keep the little ones happily entertained while mum and dad enjoy some quiet time in bed.

indoor playground 3

Sticking to a calming timber and white motif, the designers have created a perfect escape for the kids with access to a secret room, a podium with a bed, two upper levels and a staircase complete with white nets to protect the children from falling while allowing them to climb to the very top of the fortress.

indoor playground 2

The house, in Russia, is used as a summer and weekend home by the family. When Mum and Dad want a sleep in after a long work week, their two children can climb and play without disturbing their parents.

indoor playground 1

What do you think, Babyologists? Would you like to see something similar in your home? Check out some of our other favourite beds for mums and kiddies including this seven-person co-sleeping bed and these spectacular shared bedrooms.

(via De Zeen)

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