Because dolly deserves to look good too


My daughter loves playing with her brother’s wooden trains. And his Star Wars figures have a strange habit of turning up in her cot. But even though I don’t subscribe to the whole boy-toy/girl-toy thing, I must confess I’m secretly thrilled it’s her dolls she enjoys playing with the most.

It’s a penchant that everyone who knows her has been happy to indulge. So Izzie has beautiful rag dolls and sweet-faced baby dolls and even one very annoying doll that cries on cue. Doll clothes, on the other hand, aren’t so easy to come by. That’s why Babyology is proud to present two wonderful sources of doll clothes right here in Australia that will have every doll-obsessed toddler and preschooler — and their harried parents — jumping for joy.

First stop for outfits that will have your kids’ dolls looking as stylish as your kids is the gorgeous My Dolly and Me. I can’t go past the seriously sweet Snow White outfit or these stunning little shoes. Too adorable. There’s plenty more here from fur coats and raincoats to bathers, ball gowns, dressing gowns, PJs and simple sun frocks – even mini superhero and princess costumes so kids and their dolls can play dress-ups together. The cloth nappies are also a must-have!

Next comes Rosie’s Doll Clothes. Look past the slightly naff website and we promise you’ll find some of the most affordable doll-wear for boy and girl dolls anywhere. Rosie has an especially impressive collection of doll shoes. There’s all sorts of hats plus tiny cloth nappies and knickers alongside hand-sewn frocks, PJs and tees. We especially love the mini sleeping bags and the beach-sets, which come with a little bag and towel so dolly can lounge by the pool too.

Clothes at My Dolly and Me range from $9 to $22 while Rosie’s clothes start from $5 to $22, with postage only a little extra at both stores.


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