Bec Judd’s phone-checking struggle: “I’m addicted, it’s a real problem”

Bec Judd holding twins Darcy and Tom

Bec Judd has opened up about the evil pull of her iPhone and we’re all nodding our heads in concerned solidarity (as we obsessively scroll through our Instagram feed with glassy eyes.)


The first step is admitting it

Bec’s new role as co-host of radio show, The 3pm Pick-Up alongside cute mums Yumi Stynes and Monty Diamond, saw her admitting she’s straight up addicted to checking her phone and social media.

“I’m addicted. It’s a real problem,” she said earnestly when Monty asked her if she’s a bit nuts for her phone.

“That’s why I turned comments off on my Instagram. I was spending too much bloody time thinking about what people were writing about me.”

“You find yourself just picking up and checking. Picking up and checking.”

“Just… get it away!” Bec urged.

Bec and husband, AFL footballer Chris Judd are parents to four great kids: Oscar, Billie Kate, Tom and Darcy.




What a rush

Bec’s co-host Monty pointed out that there’s more to this phone addiction than meets the eye.

She explained that we’re delivered a kind of hormonal high when we check our phones (it’s a dopamine rush, to be precise) and we often unwittingly can’t get enough of that stuff.

“Even thinking about getting a text message shoots you that little rush,” Monty warned.

(We just checked our phone to see, and Monty seems totally on point.)


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Sunset-free zone

Bec is not only (possibly) chemically addicted to her phone, she’s very particular about what pops up on its tiny screen.

For starters, she’s not going to suffer fools on Instagram. Nuh-uh. Or snow-capped peaks.

The mum of four revealed she’d recently unfollowed a perfectly nice guy on Instagram because he was clogging her feed with gosh-darned landscapes.

“I had to unfollow somebody last week”

“Far out, he’s gone skiing. If you’ve seen one snow-capped mountain, you’ve seen them all.”

Dude apparently had a penchant for surfing and sunsets too. #DontShowMeTenSunsetsSaysBecJudd

Bec preemptively issued a firm-but-fair warning to those she may accidentally offend.

“If I’ve unfollowed you, its not because I don’t love you, you’re just boring.”

Seems legit.

You can listen to the full broadcast below.


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