Bebe Nacre – natural breast care while breastfeeding

breast shells

I can’t be the only mother whose bra performs the double act of a handbag. This hit peak moments during breastfeeding when upon unleashing an ample bosom to feed my hungry infant we’d both be met with a torrent wave of nursing pads, tissues, a dummy, a warm stick of chewing gum and maybe even a couple of Panadol – but never shells. I’m not being quick to dismiss it though, who knows – perhaps the French are on to something!

Babyologists, there’s no denying the use of shells is a little different to your usual breastfeeding accessories but these breast shells from France’s Bebe Nacre could well be a wise investment for breast care during breastfeeding.

Breast milk is full of hydrating, antiseptic and healing qualities and Bebe Nacre shells are designed to act as a shield to assist in nurturing your nipples. All that’s required is for you to rub a little milk onto your nipple and place the shell on top, inside your bra. I highly recommend placing a nursing pad over the top to avoid awkward glances from passers-by, but nobody need know what’s going on inside your bra but you!

There are three sizes available to accommodate all women. Bebe Nacre breast shells are priced $55 a pair and available from Hi Baby.

breast shells

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