Beautiful breastfeeding moment made even sweeter thanks to helpful stranger

Going out for a meal alone for the first time with your newborn is a rite of passage for any new parent. And it can be an intimidating one, especially when there is a good chance that your hungry newborn is going to want a feed.

This is exactly the situation that 22-year-old Briar Lusia Mcqueen found herself in earlier this week and one that she posted about on her Facebook page. But why did this seemingly normal situation and accompanying story end up being shared well over 11,000 times in a few short days?

Because it demonstrates one of the most powerful messages of our society – – a simple art of kindness from a stranger can make a huge difference.

It’s a moment we’ve all been in – your meal comes out to you, your infant starts to cry, demanding to be fed first. New Zealand mum Briar did what any mum would do – she pushed her meal to the side to feed her hungry son.

Just wanted to share this really sweet moment I had this morning. Today was the first time I went out for breakfast…

Posted by Briar McQueen on Monday, 30 May 2016

But in a world where breastfeeding is still considered shameful to some, it is only natural that the young mum was a little concerned, especially when an older woman approached her.

“I was scared, thinking she was going to tell me to put my boob away,” Briar writes on her Facebook post.

Rather than make an unwelcome comment, the unnamed older lady simply smiled and started to cut up Briar’s meal for her.

“What a good mama you are. We can’t have your food getting cold, can we?” the woman said to Briar.

Briar was overcome with emotion, stating she “honestly could have cried” and decided to post her encounter on Facebook. The post has now gone viral with close to 270,000 likes, much to the shock of Briar.

This one act of kindness and the social media stir that has followed simply goes to show that, even in a world filled with so much anger and sadness, thoughtfulness still prevails. And it’s stories like this that are certainly worth sharing.

(via Facebook)

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