Beautiful 40 second video proves that toddlers are the sweetest things on earth

Toddlers have a unique way of looking at the world that just makes us smile. Like the so-adorable-it-hurts toddler in this video, who gives “smile and wave” a whole new meaning.

Prepare for your heart to melt when you watch what this adorable toddler does to brighten the day of strangers in a supermarket.

Meet Joey. She is 16-months-old and she is absolutely amazing. Why? Because she is a typical toddler, filled with happiness, innocence and love. And she isn’t afraid to spread the joy around.

Delivering Joy And Love :)

"This is Joey. She is 16-months-old and she spreads joy wherever she goes!"For our best love stories, subscribe to our free email newsletter: :)A Love What Matters Original Video#LoveWhatMatters

Posted by Love What Matters on Saturday, 6 February 2016

As she toddles around a local supermarket, waving at everyone she sees and offering a hug to a complete stranger, she clearly has a mission – to make others smile.

We aren’t sure what’s more charming about little Joey – the outstretched arms, the grinning smile behind her dummy or the fact that you can truly sense how her simple gestures are bringing happiness to those around her.

Joey’s engaging moment was captured on film and shared through the Love What Matters Facebook page. With over 370,000 shares and 56,000 comments, it’s safe to say that Joey’s kind heart and friendly spirit has enamoured the world.

She may only be 16-months-old, but she can certainly teach society a thing or too. After all, a little wave goes a long way.

Want more toddler sweetness? Check out ten things we can all learn from our toddlers. 

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