Baby health tracking app keeps all the important info at your fingertips

If you think pregnancy gives you baby brain, wait until you have your baby in your arms! Days pass in a haze of feeds, nappies and naps and it’s pretty easy to lose track of what’s happening when. We’ve got a brilliant new app to show you that will have all of your essential baby info stored in the one place – when they last fed, how long they slept for and more. And it’s free!

When you become a mum, you need to squeeze so much more into your day. And it all revolves around one little being – who, although tiny, takes a lot of organisation! When my boys were born, I kept an old school pen and paper log of when they fed and for how long, and it was tedious. And of course, trying to see any sort of sleep or feed pattern was pretty difficult. Thank goodness for modern technology.

panadol bub tracker2

Children’s Panadol has released a fabulous helping hand for mums – the Bub Tracker App. As the name suggests, it’s all about being able to track your baby throughout the day, particularly in those first few weeks as a mum when it is very overwhelming. Here’s are some of its useful tools:

Feeding Log

This has to be one of the best features of this app – an easy way to keep a record of how long and how often your baby is feeding. It’s suitable for you to use whether you’re feeding by bottle or breast. If by bottle, you can track how much your baby actually drank. If by breast, it will track the length of each feed and conveniently remind you which side you’re up to!


panadol bub tracker4


Sleep Log

This is where you can track how long (or how little!) your baby is sleeping, and at what times.

Health Log

This is designed to keep a record of your baby’s key medical milestones and their temperature. You can track symptoms your child might be experiencing and keep a record of medications they’ve been given and the dosage. It’s a helpful record to have on you for the middle of the night, or those days when you’re just too tired to remember things!

Library and Tips & Hints sections

There’s nothing like a helping hand when you’re at a key parenting moment. These two sections of the app offer you nuggets of info when you need them – like ideas about how to settle your baby and plenty of helpful information on all kinds of health issues common to children.


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Download the free Children’s Panadol Bub Tracker App today on iOS and Android.

(This is a sponsored post for Children’s Panadol)

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