Be my Galentine! Why you need to celebrate your mum friends on February 13

Did you know that a very special date is fast approaching us? And no, we’re not talking about Valentine’s Day (as much as we love the tacky day of lurve!). February 13 is Galentine’s Day and it might just be the best day ever!

What is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day is a day that celebrates what makes female friendships so special. It is a day that recognises the way women support and love each other. As mums, Galentine’s Day says, “Hey, you are a rock in my life and I couldn’t mum without you. Thank you for getting me through the hard days, the teary days, sharing in all the wonderful stuff and for making such great memories with me. Memories that I know will last a lifetime. You’re the best.”

Why you need to have one this year

Think over the year you’ve had and the mum experiences you’ve shared with your friends. If you aren’t texting someone now saying, “we need a Galentine’s Day,” then you should! The fact is we should all celebrate Galentine’s Day because good mum friends mean the world when you are raising little ones. Could you do it without them? Plus, why shouldn’t we have a day? There’s a day for everything else!

Who came up with this brilliant idea?

Galentine’s Day actually started as fiction and now has become something of a new tradition, with women popping the champers on February 13. It was born from a 2010 TV episode of Parks and Recreation. In the episode, a character named Leslie feels all creative and crafty and decides she’d like to celebrate her female buddies in a formal way on a specially marked day. So she invents Galentine’s Day – a festival that falls each year on February 13: Valentine’s Day-eve. For Leslie, her Galentine’s Day is a long and boozy brunch, with waffles, but yours can be whatever you’d like.

Cheers, bubbles

How to make your Galentine’s Day super special

The first thing you’ll need to tee up with your partner, a grandparent or a babysitter is childminding for a few hours on Tuesday 13 so you can go out for brunch, lunch or dinner with your lady loves. What you are organising here is a mum date. Then when you guys have set the date, here are a few other things you can do to make your day special.

Give a little gift

Pick some flowers from the garden for your mum pals, bake something for them or if you are crafty, make something from the heart. You could also buy her a gift but remember, a Galentine’s Day present isn’t meant to be commercial or about spending money, it’s about the gesture and is really a token of your appreciation. A box of tea, a favourite chocolate, some hand cream or something funny that will make her smile, will all be perfect.

Dress up

We’re not talking heels and a full face of makeup, but do yourself a favour and get out of your playdough stained clothes and into something clean and comfortable for your Galentine’s Day celebration. Getting out of your mum-frump and into something that is more your true style will make you feel in the mood for letting your hair down.

Raise a toast

Cheers your nearest and dearest by listing a few things you are grateful for. As well as the big things like her unwavering support and love, it could include a few little things that will make you both smile. This could be her texting you over wine time with stories of how her kids drove her bonkers today, calling you at 5am because she knows you are also awake with the baby, you borrowing nappies/cream/teething/gel and everything else from her because you are hopeless at packing the nappy bag; that sort of thing. Have a think about all the things she does for you that make this mum-journey you’re both on all the better.

Have a day. You deserve it. Happy Galentine’s!

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