Be awed and inspired by the Mousehouse doll house

Mousehouse dollhouse bedroom craft room

Mousehouse dollhouse

Last Christmas, I bought my two daughters a doll house. If I’m being honest, I know (because my husband and friends keep telling me) that the doll house is really for me, not them.

While I was perusing Babyology’s past posts on doll houses and trying to work out how many dollhouses would be too many for just one person, I stumbled across this. Oh my.

I bet many of us had those old pine, five to eight room doll houses when we were young. Perhaps if you were really keen, you even added curtains made from scrap material, held up with thumbtacks. But I bet you didn’t go to these lengths. This jaw droppingly gorgeous doll house is the work of New Zealander Megan Hoskin, whose blog Mousehouse is one of those crafty, domestic blogs which always make me feel I really should attempt projects I may not have either the time or talent for.

Mousehouse dollhouse bedroom craft room

Megan herself admits that with this project she did go “slightly crazy” – reupholstering tiny lounge suites, shrinking down copies of artwork from her own home to doll house size and framing them, wallpapering with scrapbooking paper, as well as making tiny patchwork quilts – but the result is spectacular. She picked up the furniture and bits and bobs from friends, online auction sites and also through doll house supplier Lundby. It even has lights! Head over to her blog Mousehouse for all the details and pictures.

This has awakened a miniature renovator in me, and I can’t promise I’m not going to spend hours on eBay looking for just the right fixer-upper. One for each room of my real house would be ok, right?

Mousehouse dollhouse lounge and kitchen


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