BB Blocks – making milestone photos memorable

I was nowhere near as clever as a friend of mine who photographed her babies and children from birth with a handmade sign showing their ages. Another friend used a large teddy for comparison in size as her baby girl grew.

Even after emerging from the haze of newborn days, it still didn’t occur to me  to take milestone pictures of my boys with a pictorial indicator of their growth or age. I think I may have fallen prey to baby brain, despite experts now claiming it doesn’t exist. I now fear it’s all too late for me to order these gorgeous BB Blocks. With my youngest turning three this October it looks like I’ll just have to recommend them to you!

For US$40 you get three blocks – two number blocks with combinations up to 29 possible, plus one block with weeks, months and years printed on it. It remains to be seen if your offspring will want to be photographed at 29 years with these blocks, but I do like the idea of this family tradition taken well and truly into adulthood!

BB Blocks now ship internationally for the very first time. These are the most stylish way to do milestone photos – happy snapping!

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