Bavetton’s cleaning up – really big bibs for really big messes!

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of all invention and I can firsthand appreciate how Lara Bouddron, exhausted mother and inventor of Bavetton, felt just before she came up with this genius idea.

Tired of cleaning up after the post-dinner mess created by her daughter, she devised a bib that’s part tablecloth to allow your little one to make as much mess as they like – the food will just fall onto the cloth.

Your child will still feel like the master of her own domain as she messily shovels food into her mouth and you can sit back and let her enjoy herself without having to worry later about the state of the furniture/carpet/your sanity.

So how does it work? The Bavetton is essentially a huge bib made of the same material as those tableclothes you wipe down with a sponge (see, told you it’s genius). It’s so big that it creates a pocket between your child and the table and with two snap-fasteners, you can fold and unfold to use wherever you like.

Each one is €39.50 and if you wish to purchase, just email them direct with the code of the colour you’ve chosen and your address and they’ll get back to you with payment details.

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