Batman’s luxe-as-heck Lego mansion is every kid’s (and parents’) dream

Wayne Manor from the Lego Batman movie

Ahead of the release of  The Lego Batman Movie, this cute episode of faux-show Gotham Cribs gives us a sneak peek into Lego Batman’s amazing mansion, complete with dolphins and swan dives and Speedos, oh my!

Inside Lego Batman houseLego Batman at home

Insane. Extravagant.

Seriously, the decadent and shiny Kardashian digs have got nothing on iconic superhero Batman’s amazing and just-revealed Wayne Manor. And who better to show us around “the most insanely extravagant mansion in all of Gotham City” than the haughty superhero himself?!

The tour starts in the heart of the home.

“Here we have the kitchen. It’s filled with state of the art appliances and cooking devices like, um… this thing and that thing,” Batman’s ‘roomie’ Bruce Wayne explains, as he walks us through the kitchen towards the fridge.

Still from The Lego Batman movie promoLego Batman at his pool with some dolphins

Lobsters and dolphins

Then Batman shows up. He says something about Lobster Thermidor, bites a crustacean and leads us to Wayne Manor’s “majestic” pool.

The pool is not just any pool, it’s a pool with dolphins, guys!

We’re not sure how that works, water quality-wise, or if it’s even ethical, but Batman assures us that it makes him a “rad dude” as he dives in to frolic with his finned friends.

50 shades of bat

Next, we get a peek behind closed doors into the Manor’s bedroom.

“This is my bedroom, where I catch up on some sleep,” Lego Bruce Wayne says.

Not only is it where he rests, it’s where he works out too, something that we are pretty sure most therapists would be warning us against, for our own health and wellbeing.

“I never sleep,” Lego Batman counters. (We KNEW it.)

“I’m too busy fighting criminals and saving Gotham City 24/7. But I can see how a room like this would make sense for most people. It’s quaint.”


Lego Batman's bedroom

Secret squirrel

After the bedroom, we almost catch a glimpse of the Wayne Manor secret room, but alas it’s classified. (It’s also “super, 100 percent top secret, but crazy awesome” according to the (bat)man himself.)

If you’ve got a Batman or Lego-loving kid, we know they’ll be super-stoked to sneak a peek at Wayne Manor.

Hit play and prepare to delight!


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