Barbie video gives little girls the chance to dream big (and adults a hilarious shock)

How would you react if you arrived at the vet only to discover the veterinarian was a child? This is the question that the latest Barbie ad explores in a video that combines play and reality in an unexpectedly humorous way.

The marketing team behind Mattel have copped a lot of flack during the 50-odd years Barbie has been around. Some of their choices have been controversial, like Vegas and Home Birth Barbie, while others are certainly a step in the right direction.

We think this latest ad falls into the latter category, but we’ll let you be the judge.

The ad looks at everyday situations where children take on the roles of the superior – a professor at a university, a tour guide at a museum, a veterinarian, a sport’s coach.

The adults who arrive at the scene to discover a child in the role are caught off guard to say the least. The team of rugged men can’t help but smile as they are put through the paces by a little girl name Maddie, dressed in a pink uniform, while the adults attending the uni lecture laugh along with their pint-sized professor.

barbie ad 2

But what especially makes this video brilliant is the fact that the children take their superior roles incredibly seriously. They walk the walk. They talk the talk. They dress the part.

What results is a combination of adorable humour and clever marketing that will make everyone smile.

And, while it’s a Barbie advertisement and we all have our own views on Barbie, no one can deny that the advertisement is sweet and the message is important.

Let kids be kids. Let them play. Let them dream. Let them imagine the possibilities.


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