Barbapapa Lamp – Loveable lighting with inner glow

Barbapapa Lamps are
undeniably likeable. These glowing friends will warm the cockles of your heart with their big expectant eyes, sweet hands and
gorgeous soft colours. Those who grew up in the 1970s may remember the much-loved books and tv show
a French animated series (translated into many languages) about a
blobby creature
trying to fit into human society. He eventually finds a female member
of his species and together they have ‘seven turbulent children’ each
their own cute names such as Barbabelle and Barbabeau. The Barbapapas
are always kind and gentle, and are brilliant
problem-solvers – what better influence to have
in your home!

Set a subtle mood in children’s rooms, calm their night fears and
spend happy bedtimes making up stories about the adventures of
Available in white, red, blue, pink and yellow and measuring 45cm, your
whole family will fall in love with the ethereal cuteness
of their new companion.

made in design will ship
these express in 2-4 days.

Via swissmiss

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