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My dad says he wishes he could sing. Well, I wish I could sew. I’ve tried countless times, but it seems even the simplest of creations gets my stomach (and my thread) in a knot. Which is why I am indebted to those clever Etsy people — you get to buy gorgeous handmade goodies without having to go through the frustration of making them yourself.

This discovery of these amazingly simple yet versatile alphabetical handmade beanbags has come at just the right time for me. I’ve been searching for beanbags for my two boys for a while now, to no avail. They have such fun with beanbags at their family day care (throwing, running races, sorting, counting — you name it), they were on the top of my Christmas wish list. But as time was running out, I was (horror of horrors) considering having to make my own. This would not do.

But these colourful bags, embroidered with all the letters of the alphabet on one side and numbers on the other, have saved me from sewing hell. They earned the design team at Elle Belle a spot in the finals of the Etsy Handmade Kids Challenge and have had plenty of positive feedback from happy customers on their site.

The beanbags are US$84 for a set of 26, and you can order additional bags for US$2.50 each (extra vowels are always useful…), plus shipping. Also check out the other listings on Etsy for the smaller sets of custom beanbags (for spelling out your little one’s name). Just don’t expect to see any of my creations on Etsy any time soon.


(via Minor Details)

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