Back to the future – the iPad meets the iTypewriter

iTypewriter for iPad

iTypewriter for iPad

It’s a typewriter for an iPad. Cool, huh?

The juxtaposition of these images almost makes my head hurt. A merging of two things of technological beauty. Each is a pioneer of its time. The typewriter of our past and the iPad of our present and future.

iTypewriter for iPad

This clever contraption channels the original concept of a typewriter, and tweaks it just enough so it can be used with an iPad. Mechanical arms on the iTypewriter correspond to each letter on the iPad, and like many little fingers, they pound on each letter as they’re pressed. While it doesn’t quite make that same beautiful thwack associated with typewriter keys hitting paper, it does well to give a similar illusion. Take a look at the video below.

While the iGeneration used to a plethora of iPad gadgets may not be enamoured by such a nod to the past, I imagine those of us who can remember typewriters will love the mix of nostalgia and modern the iTypewriter exudes.

iTypewriter for iPad

Sorry to disappoint, but the iTypewriter isn’t available for purchase – but the word is it could become a Kickstarter project in the near future.

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