Back to school checklist and tips

With those heady days of summer holidays no longer stretching before us endlessly, it’s time to start thinking ahead, and getting everything organised for the return to school. To make the job so much easier, we’ve compiled a great checklist of everything you’ll need to ensure the kids are completely organised. There’s also a fair few handy tips thrown in, as well as plenty of information on where to source back to school essentials.

If, like me, you have your first child or children starting school, or you’re a back to school old-hand, there’s so much to remember before that first bell. So bookmark this page and read on as we get you and the kids sorted for school.


Especially in the early years, many schools will provide most of the stationery your child needs, but in my experience they always welcome extra supplies, especially glue and whiteboard markers! But some kids just love having stationery of their own (and who can blame them?) so if you’re going to stock up, here are some things you might consider.

 Pencil case

 Coloured pencils

 HB pencils

 Whiteboard markers

 Highlighters

 Eraser

 Sharpener

 Ruler

 Glue sticks

 Scissors

 Art smock


These can be among the most expensive back-to-school investment, so ensure they’re well protected, both from damage and loss.

 Ensure books that need to be protected are covered in contact

 Label books with child’s name


Whether you’re purchasing a new school bag or putting an old faithful back into play, there are a couple of things to take care off before your kids are toting it to school.

 School bag purchased/or cleaned ready for new year

 Water bottle purchased, labelled

 Slip a small packet of tissues into the front pocket of the bag

 Put a small tube of sunscreen and hand sanitiser into the front pocket

Lunch boxes

There are so many lunch boxes to choose from, but once you’ve found the perfect one for your child, ensure that it’s used to its full potential!

 Tupperware containers are great for use inside lunch boxes to keep finger foods separate

 Ice blocks are perfect for keeping lunches cold


Another big expense for parents, there are a couple of handy tips parents swear by to ensure you get the best out of your child’s uniform.

 Start early when purchasing uniforms to ensure you don’t miss out

 Buy a little bigger to allow for growth over summer

 Label everything

 Check chain stores to see if any of the generic items can be purchased cheaper

 New underwear

 New socks

 Hair accessories (if applicable)


Small feet are on the go for most of the day, so they need to be well supported.

 Ensure shoes are good quality

 Get child fitted professionally

 Check if child needs new sneakers


 Ensure the school has all of your contact details

 Ensure any medication needed by your child is organised to take to school

 Have a large bottle of sunscreen near your front door so they can pop it on before they head to school

 Charge the camera so you can snap that all-important first day of school picture!

So there you have it! Simply print our list, and get your pen handy – it’s time to get back to school sorted!

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