Babyushka – the perfect wrap for the perfect gift!


It seems every new mum-to-be has baby wraps on their ‘buying for baby’ checklist. I was fortunate enough to have three babies that all loved to be wrapped up tight, and I loved wrapping and cuddling them. If you are yet to tick ‘wraps’ off your list, or are looking for a gift for new parents, these wraps in my opinion are worth a shot!

Emily Fisher is founder and creator of the Babyushka wraps – available in both traditional muslin and stretch cotton. I personally loved all my muslin wraps and never had a stretch one, but think a stretch wrap would be perfect and oh so comfy for the cherub it wraps. It’s worth mentioning that the stretch wrap is sized at 80 x 95cm and stretches all the way up to 160cm – that’s a whole lot of stretch!

Swaddling in the early days is a sure way to comfort most babies and a bonus with Emily’s Babyushka packaging is there are swaddling directions right there on the back of the box!

Babyushka wraps come in packs of two for the stretch style and packs of three for the muslin. Available in beautiful neutral, soft shades of brown, grey, blue and pink, they’re all paired with classic white.

Babyushka wraps are available from Urban Baby and prices start at $32.95 a set with affordable delivery everywhere!

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