Babytainer – stackable travel containers for baby formula


If you’ve ever formula fed your baby, you’ll know it’s a juggling act. Scooping, levelling, mixing, not to mention storing formula all takes time – something you never have with a hungry baby on your hip. Babytainer has been thoughtfully designed to make formula feeds quicker and easier to prepare, bringing with it some welcome organisation to what can be a messy process.


Made in France of BPA-free materials, Babytainer is a nifty stack of storage pods that lets you pre-organise their formula, so it’s fabulous for parents always on-the-go. It is comprised of four coloured pods, each holding up to 51 grams of formula per container. Easy-open top lids enable convenient filling of the containers, while the side cap facilitates one-handed pouring of the formula into a bottle. Each container stacks neatly atop the other making the Babytainer compact and practical.


Babytainer is seeking backers on Indiegogo. A €20 pledge buys you one Babytainer unit, and €35 will get you one Babytainer unit and a pack of onesies.

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