Babysusu – classic fashion for boys from 0-4


I love a label that does boys only clothes. You know that all
the passion is fully directed into fresh garments for boy babies
and kids, and not split between the sexes. In the past, the gap in the market for great clothes for boys was glaringly obvious. Things have become very exciting in recent years – just in time for the arrival of my two beautiful sons!

There’s nothing like a bit of old world glamour and class – both my boys
have gentlemanly names, and I like a bit of this kind of style in their clothes for special occasions.
Babysusu makes
beautifully classic clothing with modern detailing to suit
contemporary kids.

Susu Nguyen Hughey – Babysusu’s creator – has always
had a penchant for the timeless appeal of structured men’s clothing,
and before having two boys of her own, set up Babysusu to cater for parents with the same fashion leanings.

Being from New York, Babysusu’s clothes are currently in the US
Autumn ’08 run. Don’t let that stop you from stocking up for next
year – I always have a stash of clothing at the ready for when the next
change of season sets in, and I’m always glad I have it. The range includes a cashmere jumper and wool herringbone jacket, charming knickerbockers teamed with ‘quirky tees’.

Email Babysusu for a shipping quote – they will ship internationally. Herringbone jacket is US$120, perfect fitted shirt is US$66 and knickerbockers are US$72.


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