Babysitter takes multitasking to next level with genius pants hack

baby-holding pants

You may think a baby sling is the only way to hands-free it when you’re doing chores at home with a bub, but this genius niece proves that, with a little ingenuity, solutions may be closer than you think. (Because PANTS!)

Pants party

New mum Claudia Sorhaindo took to Facebook to share her awesome niece’s multitasking pants-fix, and the internet is going pretty nuts for it.

Claudia had gone on a quick errand, leaving her daughter Ava with grown-up niece J’Ann.

When J’Ann got hungry, she didn’t let holding the baby get in the way of fulfilling her sandwich dreams.

She had clever, pants plans for little Ava…


Problem-solving pants

Claudia was super-impressed with J’Ann’s pants-themed solution. She explained how it all went down.

“So I had to run out the house for a quick min, so I asked my niece to babysit baby Ava,” Claudia wrote.

“A few min later I received a text saying that J’Ann wanted to make a sandwich but didn’t want to let baby Ava out of her sight.”

J’Ann’s solution embodied “creativity at its finest”.

“Lord send help this was her solution, like really, creativity at its finest!”


baby in pantsBaby in pants FB page shares


The post has been shared 240 000+ times, with commenters noting that baby Ava seems pretty pleased with the whole situation.

“She well comfy,” one wrote.

“Genius!” Another confirmed.

Y’all better patent it quick!!” One gent advised.

“This pic makes me laugh… Like Ava gone runway or something,” one woman chortled.

It is unclear what kind of sandwich J’Ann was making, but we’re sure it was made even more delicious by the company of her pants-riding little pal.

Thanks heaps for sharing this with us, Claudia!


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