Baby’s head emerging in this gentle c-section birth will make you hit replay

No matter what kind of entry a baby makes into the world the moment is always filled with wonder and emotion. But there is something extra-mesmerising about watching a baby being born via gentle caesarian.

Show us ALL the footage!

The gentle c-section birth seems to be growing in popularity of late and we can’t get enough of the incredible footage making its way onto social media.

We recently published one such video that a doctor in Venezuela posted to Instagram. And when it comes to sharing these special welcome-to-the world moments, the Venezuelan doctor can’t seem to get enough, with another awe-inspiring gentle c-section birth appearing on his feed in recent weeks.

The video, featured below, shows a baby entering the world headfirst from his mother’s cut abdomen, slowly shimmying out all by himself. The clips are amazing not only because it is rare to see a c-section birth so clearly captured up close, but one showing this relatively new method is rarer still.

What are gentle c-sections again?

Natural or gentle c-sections are when an incision is made in the mother’s abdomen and womb, but instead of the baby being lifted out quickly it’s allowed to take its own time, essentially delivering itself. The experience is a way of replicating the more natural trip down the birth canal as much as possible and is also said to help reduce stress for the baby and prevent breathing difficulties, which can occur when they are brought out too fast during a normal caesarean.

Is there anything more awe-inspiring than seeing a baby come into the world? This one looks pretty peaceful to us! Would you consider a gentle c-section for your baby’s birth?

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