Baby’s adorable reaction to avocado – good for the brain, bad for the taste buds

Do you recognise this face? It is the face of someone who clearly isn’t happy with her lunch menu. And it is the face that most parents will see at least once when introducing solids to their infants.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, infants just won’t like the foods you put on their spoons. This is clearly the case with baby Autumn as she tastes avocado for the first time. It doesn’t go quite as well as her parent’s hoped. But it sure is cute!

Autumn’s parents film their little girl’s first reaction to avocado and the facial expressions are priceless. Her wide eyes, puckered mouth and arched eyebrows tell us she is clearly not a fan. As her parents dish the green goo into her mouth over and over again, Autumn looks around as if trying to find an escape route.

“But it’s so good for the brains, I read online,” Autumn’s mum argues in the background.

I don’t think she cares. Better luck with bananas perhaps?

How did your baby react to avocado? What foods were a baby fail for you?

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