Babyology Taronga Zoo Visitors Guide


Going to a zoo with kids can be a great outing for the school holidays. Being able to see animals up close is a real treat for little ones and it’s a terrific blend of fun and education.

It can also be a stressful, exhausting disaster.   Dragging tired kids around in the sun, walking in circles to find an animal that is hiding under a distant log is not the way to make a memorable outing.

After several attempts, we have finally managed to devise our perfect Taronga Zoo outing. And, with a lot of people traveling to Sydney over the school holidays, we thought we’d share it with you. If you have similar tips for an attraction in your city or neighbourhood, we’d love to hear them.

  1. Bring food
    . Let’s face it, zoo food is terrible. Plus, it’s hard to convince a tired and hungry child to wait in line with a hundred other parents and their kids.   If you’re driving to Taronga, grab some freshly-made sandwiches at Swerve Cafe & Espresso Bar in Mosman.
  2. Arrive early. We always get to the zoo when it opens at 9am. The parking is easier, everyone is less stressed (us included), it’s cool, and the animals are more alert.
  3. Follow our map!  Head downhill, stopping at the water play area and the seal show. You won’t see everything, but it goes past some great enclosures and shows off a diverse range of animals
  4. Be lazy and finish at the cable car. Unless you’re dying to walk back uphill in the middle of summer, the cable car is your friend. If it’s not too busy, the attendants will let you loop around a few times. You can take prams on it as well (even our double fits).
  5. Don’t try to see too much. The zoo is big,  If you live in Sydney, or are going to be visiting more than once, buy a zoo pass and then there’s no pressure. You can pop in whenever you want.

Taronga zoo prices are $39.60 for adults and $19.80 for children.

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