Babyology review: our influencers, and Babyology mums, try Sudocrem

It’s the little tub (or tube) of cream that packs a big punch. From nappy rash to minor wounds, insect bites and everything in between, Sudocrem is a family must-have. But don’t take our word for it – we’ve had a whole bunch of interesting folk – including some Babyology parents, try out this family favourite. Take a look at what they thought.

We constantly bring you amazing products, both new ones, or tried and tested ones like Sudocrem. We write about them because we believe they’re honest-to-goodness brilliant products for family life, but we also like to get our wider community to try them out. We’ve had two members of our Babyology panel of influencers, and a few Babyology families, put good, old-fashioned Sudocrem to the ultimate test – real families, real ailments, real kids.


Our first Babyology influencer to give Sudocrem a go was Katie from Review Zoo, who is a busy mum to a six-month-old son and a five-year-old daughter. Both of Katie’s children suffer from dry skin. Katie had the chance to try Sudocrem in the iconic grey tub, and the very handy and portable tube (she says,”I have had this in my handbag all week and now wonder why I wasn’t buying the tube format sooner!”).

Katie says she’s been a Sudocrem convert for some years: “I began using Sudocrem before my children were born as a result of constant skin irritation and patches of eczema. Areas such as the inner arms were often extremely dry and itchy. I used Sudocrem to help lock in the skin’s moisture and soothe the dryness.”

She’s continued that use since becoming a mum, to combat her own dry hands. And she’s found Sudocrem has really come into its own in dealing with her children’s skin conditions.

“My daughter suffers from irritated areas on the backs of her knees and inner arms and rather than use steroid creams, I prefer to use a combination of gentle moisturisers and Sudocrem to help the skin hold on to moisture while soothing the irritation. My daughter often says that Sudocrem makes her skin feel ‘cool’ – a welcome relief to the heat itching and dryness bring about.”


She also ensures the Sudocrem is on hand to deal with playground tumbles, and her baby’s mild eczema.

“I bathe him using water and natural oils, and apply Sudocrem to small patches on the front and back of the neck and his shoulders to create a moisture seal overnight. He always wakes up with silky-soft skin. I much prefer this option to using steroid creams on my children, which are only a short-term solution anyway.”


Katie gave Sudocrem top marks as a bathroom staple, saying, “Sudocrem is a must-have item in a family bathroom. When my first child was born overseas, I even took a supply of Sudocrem with me! It’s a product that is gentle on delicate skin, provides quick relief for a scope of skin conditions beyond nappy rash, and it has a lovely subtle fragrance that doesn’t offend children or adults.”


Blogger and mum to an almost-two-year-old, Nikita, says Sudocrem has also become a ‘must-have’ product in her household. She uses it firstly for its most well known use in children, nappy rash (“Each time I change Niah there are major differences in comparison to how the nappy rash looked previously”), but also to help control both her own and her daughter’s dermatitis and eczema.

“It’s a good product in order to help [control] those break outs and provide some moisturised relief to our affected dermatitis areas,” Nikita says.

Nikita also loved the tube, finding it easy to use, and is keen to see how Sudocrem will handle this summer’s inevitable sunburn.

“Overall I rate Sudocrem a five out of five stars. They are a fantastic brand that have created a fantastic product that helps to work fast on our beloveds and that’s what we want.”


We also had some Babyology families try out Sudocrem in their homes. Overwhelmingly, our testers loved the Sudocrem 30g tube – for its convenience and ease of application.

Almost half of our testers had no idea that Sudocrem could be used for so many things, other than nappy rash – so they put it to good use during their trial. They used it for ant bites, cuts and grazes, pimple outbreaks and heat rash. They were overwhelmingly pleased by how Sudocrem worked on the problem areas.

After giving Sudocrem a thorough workout, the Babyology community and influencers have given it a big thumbs up, particularly and most surprisingly, for its ability to treat ailments outside the nursery.

Sudocrem tubs are available in supermarket baby aisles, and you can find the handy tubes in the first aid section.

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