Babyology review – our new panel of influencers try Metalicus

Babyologists, we’re introducing you to an exciting new section today, one where our new panel of bloggers put products and brands to the test to give you their honest opinions. We’re starting with some new-season key fashion pieces from Metalicus, an Australian label much loved by all sorts of mums. Garments may look fabulous on models, but how do they stack up on a pregnant belly, or when trying to breastfeed? Our feisty Babyology Influencers tell it like it is.

You’ll probably recognise many of these incredible folk in our illustrious Babyology Influencers panel from their own blogs. More than 25 have joined our ranks, and we’ll be unleashing them on a whole host of products, including fashion.


For the first assignment, we asked three brilliant bloggers – Mama Stylista, Kimba Likes and The Bean Bible – to try out a few key Metalicus pieces from the new season collection. They looked at things like the quality and ease of care, as well as whether they would recommend the item to their friends. Our three bloggers have very differently body shapes, and their opinions were just as varied. So what did they think? Come find out.

Mama Stylista

Deauvanne is a model, fashion buyer and stylist turned breastfeeding mama so she knows her stuff. The go-to mummy for motherhood trends, her Mama Stylista blog is wildly popular and has a 3000-strong following on Facebook.


Deauvanne loved the Sia Crop Waterfall Cardigan ($139.95), paired here with the Metalicus Atonement Long Sleeve Dress ($129.95).

“One of my faves. An absolute no-brainer. Very handy for covering up when breastfeeding. It also goes with anything.” – Mama Stylista


She fell hard too for the Suki Draped Pant ($129.95) which Metalicus tell us are all about comfort, without compromising on style.

“I am going to live in these pants. It’s like wearing a tracksuit. So comfortable and I love the pattern. I don’t normally wear pants like these but I would definitely wear this pair.” – Mama Stylista

How Mama Stylista rates it: ****

Kimba Likes

Kim-Marie is self-confessed beauty junkie with a focus on fun, family-friendly style. A mum of one, we love how she has embraced the fabulousness of being 40 and knowing your style on her Kimba Likes blog.


Kim-Marie loved the beautiful colour and luxurious Merino wool blend of the Juno Maxi Vest (coming in April, $249.95) we asked her to try.

“Excellent quality. Gorgeous colour. Seams were perfect. Double layered and very nicely cut. It got hot during the day. I rolled it up and popped it in my handbag and shook it out and put it on later. Like all Metalicus pieces, no ironing needed.” – Kimba Likes

She matched it with the Metalicus Atonement Long Sleeve Dress ($129.95), a fabulous basic that she tells us already appears in her wardrobe in other patterns and colours.

“I adore the classic style of a long sleeved long line piece like this. Easy to wear, the colour and pattern makes a great base for statement knits without being boring. A piece I buy every single year and wear and wear.” – Kimba Likes

Kimba Likes Metalicus2

And she “love love loved” the Metalicus Wool Button Back Cardigan ($199.95), pictured here.

“The longer sides of the hem are flattering and elegant. It has a dramatic flair and just gorgeous!” – Kimba Likes

How Kimba rates it: *****

 The Bean Bible

Madelin is a first-time expectant mum in her mid-20s who writes about her pregnancy and road-to-parenting adventures in the regional Victorian city of Geelong on her blog, The Bean Bible.


Heavily pregnant, she showed us that Metalicus certainly has a lot of useful stretch in its garments that make them just as perfect for maternity wear. She especially adored the Déjà Vu Short Sleeve Dress (coming soon, $199.95) for its versatility and ability to cover even the largest of baby bumps.

“The dress lengths were knee or below whereas all my other dresses have been pulled up by the big belly! They are also just so so comfortable – when you’re due to have a baby in a few weeks, comfort is a huge factor and I don’t get home at night feeling like I need to rip these off because they’ve been digging in.” – The Bean Bible


The fitted Tank Dress ($69.95) that hugged her bump was another of Madelin’s favourite pieces, for wearing on its own or for layering.

“The thing I like about these as someone who is heavily pregnant is the fact that I’m wearing a size 10, which is what I am/was prior to becoming pregnant, and my belly just adapts and fits in without the outfit looking stretched. I know these are clothes I’ll be able to wear afterI’ve had the baby as well, unlike some of the huge clothes I’ve had to buy while pregnant.” ~ The Bean Bible

How The Bean Bible rates it: *****

Overall, our panel could not fault the quality of the Metalicus items they reviewed. Their advice is to choose a style to suit your shape, and there are certainly plenty of options for all body shapes and sizes in the new season drop. Check out the Metalicus website to find something from the new season collection to suit you or contact Metalicus directly to find out when coming soon items will be available.

(Our Babyology Influencers were not paid for their comments. They were gifted the review items as part of a sponsored post for Metalicus.)

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