Babyology review: which baby food got rave reviews from you?

If you want to know whether something tastes good – let little tastebuds be the yardstick. Babies have no filter, and they’ll soon let you know what they like and what they don’t. So we decided to get our youngest fans – the babes of Babyology readers, to try out a range of Bubs organic baby food. Their mums have reported back, and we just adore the responses! Both hilarious and honest, these babies weren’t afraid to let us know what they thought of the Bubs range.

Last month we sent some of our Babyology families a gift pack of Bubs organic baby food, so they could try the range on the ultimate food critics – their babies! The young taste-testers were given the chance to sample Bubs organic Blueberry, Banana & Quinoa, organic Sweetcorn, Pumpkin & Chia, organic Berry & Banana Bircher Muesli and organic Baby Porridge.

bubs sampler

Our mums were pleased to report back that their babies were head-over-heels for the Bubs pouches! The overwhelming majority of mums reponded that their babies liked the taste. But how could they tell? Here’s a sample of the gorgeous responses that the babies had to their Bubs baby food:

  • “He ate the first pouch with only a few stops to catch his breath!”
  • “Excited, he started to bounce in his highchair!”
  • “Loved it – couldn’t feed it to her fast enough!”
  • “She ate it very quickly and wanted more.”
  • “She finished the whole pouch in three minutes.”
  • “He loved it and ate it willingly which he never does.”
  • “Loved it. Kept sucking the empty pouch!”
  • “Quite eager for more with mouth open.”
  • “He loved it and ate everything he was offered.”
  • “Loved it, jumped up and down in high chair.”

And for some mums, when it comes to food, any victory is a victory – we just loved this response: “He didn’t hate it!”

Now that we know what the babies thought, it’s time to check in with our mums. Almost all of our parents agreed that the Bubs range is best described as high quality and great tasting and gave it a big tick of approval for health, nutrition and convenience.

Our reviewers thought it was very important that Bubs is certified organic and Australian made and owned. And almost all said they liked that Bubs contains lots of nutrient-rich superfoods like quinoa, chia and flaxseed. Almost 80 per cent of the mums surveyed rated the quality of Bubs baby food as excellent, and all of them said they would give their baby Bubs again – and recommend it to their friends.

bubs sampler1

Here’s a snapshot of what our mums said they liked about Bubs:

  • “Easy to use and no mess.”
  • “I like that they are very different combinations compared to others on the market.” 
  • “Peace of mind that he’s getting quality, healthy food and it’s super convenient.” 
  • “My little one is CMPI (Cow’s Milk Protein Intolerant) so being dairy-free makes choosing Bubs an easy option.”
  • “Convenient serving sizes and packaging whilst still maintaining great fresh ingredients.” 
  • “I felt assured it was good for my child being organic and containing healthy ingredients. So pleased to be providing such nutritious wholesome food to my bub knowing he thinks it’s yummy too.” 
  • “My bubba is so difficult to feed and he just LOVES eating Bubs which is great. I also prefer homemade food but when we are on the run I know I could count on Bubs to give my son a nutritious, organic meal.” 
  • “The convenience – especially the screw top on the cereal!”

The jury is certainly back in, and it seems both bubs and mums are loved Bubs’ organic range. Thank you to our youngest panel of reviewers yet – and thanks to the mums who sent us photos of their little ones enjoying Bubs – we loved them! If you think your baby would love Bubs just as much, it’s available from several retailers, or you can purchase it directly from Bubs.


(This is a sponsored post for Bubs)

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