Babyology presents everything parents need to know about sleep!

Ever heard the phrase “sleeping like a baby”? If you’re a parent, you probably prefer the spin-off – that the only people who think it’s true are people who’ve never had one!  So with that in mind, we’re bringing you our very first Sleep Week. Because if there’s one thing we know at Babyology, it’s that nothing occupies a parent’s mind more than the issue of sleep.

Come with us over the next five days as we bring you all sorts of things related to sleep – from the best in sleeping bags for babies to beautiful cot and bed linens and pyjamas for kids and mamas too.

There’s the latest in gadgets and whacky inventions that promise to help send babies to the land of nod and some stunning accessories for the nursery, plus our pick of the very best bedtime cuddle toys for tots. We’ll also show you a swag of cots, bassinets and beds for small folk, along with decorating ideas for bedrooms, because a good night’s sleep has to start somewhere!

We’ll be getting serious too, with advice from the experts – sleep whisperers Pinky McKay and Tizzie Hall among them – as well as techniques and tricks to try to help settle your babies. We’re bringing you a few laughs too, because when it’s three in the morning and you’re swaying on your feet in exhaustion with a newborn who refuses to doze unless you’re holding them while standing completely upright, a good giggle is sometimes the only thing stopping you from falling to bits. And we answer that age old question – how much sleep do babies and kids need anyway?

So pull up a seat, Babyologists, and make yourselves comfortable. Because Sleep Week is here. And it’s going to be awesome.

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