Babyology Nutritional Bite – the best foods to keep colds and flus away

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? It may take more than this. Check out these other foods to add to your family’s diet every week to help reduce the risk of cold and flu warfare in your home.

Welcome to our final edition of Babyology Nutritional Bite where we serve up family-sized nutritional advice from our expert nutritionist and mum, Michele Chevalley Hedge.

Colds, flus and other viruses such as glandular fever, can leave us feeling tired, irritable and downright miserable.

“Colds and flus usually take three to seven days to recover from but chronic fatigue and glandular fever can last anywhere from two weeks to two years,” Michele tells us.

Antibiotics won’t cure these viral infections and thus often it is simply a matter of letting the virus leave your system. Reducing your risk of infection in the first place is all about building up your resistance.

“Think of it this way – if you were a rugby player, before you play any games you are mentally and physically ready, so when someone tackles you, you are able to withstand the blow,” Michele explains. Preparing your body for battle against viruses is similar to this.

And it can be as simple as adding a few key foods to your diet.  Michele suggests consuming small amounts of quality fats that help the body absorb vitamins A,D,E and K from the foods we eat. These vitamins are essential in strengthening the immune system and without adequate supplies of these vitamins we are at risk of becoming ill. Protein-enriched foods are also critical to help build strong and healthy immune systems.

Nut Bite 6 Image 2

Below are Michele’s top ten items to add to the shopping list.

  1. Seeds and nuts
  2. Coldwater fish
  3. Olive and nut oils
  4. Eggs
  5. Yoghurt
  6. Chicken
  7. Red Meats
  8. Ginger
  9. Cabbage
  10. Horseradish

And, finally, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and be mindful that your diet is low in sugar. A high sugar diet can reduce your white blood cells, which help us fight off these bad bugs.

Looking for a dinner recipe for tonight? Check out this delicious thyme chicken and roast veggies dish which contains plenty of protein to help keep your whole family cold and flu-free.


Making changes to your family’s diet and well-being can be overwhelming but often it only takes is one small step to get you motivated. Check out our full Babyology Nutritional Bite series featuring little bites and delicious recipes to get you walking in the right direction towards healthy living.

For more information, served up by Michele, a Jamie Olive Food Revolution ambassador, check out the Low Sugar Lifestyle program, a 28-day online program designed for busy parents looking for healthier lifestyle choices.


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