Babyology mums try the world’s purest baby wipes – WaterWipes

As mums, baby wipes are an everyday essential, but they can contain some fairly harsh things that we’d rather not put near our baby’s skin. WaterWipes contain 99.9 per cent purified water, and 0.1 per cent fruit extract, so they are the purest baby wipes in the world. But do they actually work? We asked a group of Babyology mums to test them out, and here’s what they thought.

Used by neonatal units around the world, WaterWipes are the supreme wipe when it comes to avoiding irritation on sensitive baby skin.

We asked some Babyology mums to put WaterWipes to the test with their own babies. Those mums who had children already suffering with nappy rash found that using WaterWipes did help clear the irritation. And, as a bonus, when they used WaterWipes on the dry skin on their babies’ hands and faces, it also seemed to improve.


The mums gave the quality of WaterWipes a big thumbs up. They particularly loved the thickness and softness, with a majority giving the wipes five out of five for moisture.

One mum commented that she’s very careful about the wipes she uses, saying, “These were perfect. And the fact that they have nothing nasty gives great peace of mind not only for their precious little bums, but hands and face as well. [My baby] also sometimes manages to get a pack of wipes and sucks on them, I have always been worried about what she is ingesting from other wipes. Would recommend these to anyone!”

Most importantly, every one of the mums surveyed said they felt WaterWipes worked well in cleaning their baby’s skin. They agreed they’d be willing to pay a little more for WaterWipes, knowing they are not harmful to baby’s skin, help avoid nappy rash and don’t contain any nasty chemicals.

One of the mums put succinctly what many of our testers had mentioned: “When it comes to my baby, his comfort, health and well-being are paramount and therefore when it comes to such things like looking after his skin, price is not an issue.”

You can purchase WaterWipes online, or from several retailers.

(This is a sponsored post for WaterWipes)

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