Babyology mums talk about the Oricom Secure870 baby monitor

Oricom Secure870 baby monitor review

Once upon a time, in a world before baby monitors, new and exhausted parents would spend much time and energy hovering around the closed nursery door of their (presumably) sleeping infant. Too scared to open the door for fear of waking them, they lived in a perpetual state of unease.

What exactly was going on behind that door? Was that a cry we heard? Or simply a happy mid-sleep groan? Was that baby just lying there unhappy and fretful? Or was she sleeping the sleep of the virtuous?

And then baby monitors entered the world and parenting was transformed. Parents could finally relax a little because they could hear very clearly what was going down in the nursery after they left the room. Usually a lot of fist sucking and happy grunting and gurgling, it turns out.

The ultimate in video baby monitors

These days, baby monitor technology gives parents much more than a set of ears in the nursery. In fact, a video baby monitor with all the bells and whistles – the Oricom Secure870 – gives parents everything they need to ensure their baby is safe and happy at all times.

Features of the Oricom Secure870 include:

  • High quality 3.5″ touchscreen
  • Parent talk back
  • Hi-definition sound
  • 480×320 resolution screen
  • Vibration alerts
  • 3 x digital zoom
  • Room temperature monitor
  • Baby-friendly night vision
  • In-use time up to 6.5hrs (parent unit)
  • Multi-camera capable (up to four), additional cameras sold separately
  • Motorised pan-tilt camera
  • Starry night lightshow
  • Adjustable night light
  • 19 lullabies, white noise, nature and womb sounds
  • Wall mountable (screws included)

Mums talk about Oricom Secure870

We asked some Babyology mums to road test the Oricom Secure870 and here’s what they said:

(This is a sponsored post for Oricom)

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