Babyology mums reveal their clever laundry hacks

Believe it or not when we put the call out to Babyology mums asking for their top laundry hacks, there were plenty of you who came out of the laundry closet (so to speak), admitting you just adore washing, ironing and folding clothes! For the other 99 per cent of us, we’re desperate for any little pearls of wisdom that will give us a leg up on dirty clothes. So here are some brilliant laundry hacks, as revealed by our Babyology mums.

When to wash

Do you pop a load on in the morning, flick the washing machine on before bed, or have it going all day? Here’s what works for our Babyologists:

“I do a load at night as soon as kids have gone to bed, hang on the clothes’ horse inside (if sunny it goes outside on the clothes’ horse). That way if it rains I can whisk it back inside. I put clean washing in baskets and put away once a week (I stack baskets on top of each other in spare room).  Towels and sheets go in one massive hamper in the laundry and on a perfect wash day when we’re home our poor machine does back to back loads. But it’s working for us so far.” – Elana R Savini 

“I put a load on at night – hang out in the morning and pick nice windy days for doing towels and sheets – keeps me on top of it and stops the overload.” – Sally Atterbury

“Do it daily! I’ve literally been home three hours from a week away and have just finished four loads (the teenagers only did one load while I was away!). I’ve also unpacked everything and am having a wine (I deserve it!!)” – Kellie Sracek 

“One load a day, no sorting just don’t wash hot then colours don’t run. Never had a problem, kids get eczema triggered by washing powder so their clothes get washed separate. Always very early in morning, in winter goes on clothes’ horse next to fire or washing line in suitable weather.” – Erica Kurtz 

“Wash a load each morning. Fold clothes from night before and pack away while the load goes through then hang next load out.” – Monique Reed 

“Every day at least one load washed, dried, folded and put away. Fold as you take it off the line/out of the dryer.” – Zoe Terry 

washing baby sl

Sorting tips

If you think you need to sort by colours, think again. Our Babyology mums are pretty adamant that there are better uses of your laundry time! And here are a bunch of other clever time-saving hacks:

“We fill our machine directly (no laundry baskets dotting the house) and when it’s full turn it on. Washing cold means you don’t have to separate colours/whites/blacks.” – Rebekah Jasper 

“I don’t sort my laundry by colour, I sort by priorities:

  1. Work/school clothes socks and jocksˆ
  2. Day clothes
  3. Towels
  4. Sheets

This way if i don’t get it all done for some reason, at least I know everyone has uniforms and underwear.” – Sara Lee

“Have three uniforms. Wear Monday (1), Tuesday (2), wash Tuesday night, wear Wednesday (3), Thursday (1), Friday (2). Wash Friday night or Saturday morning. Fold as it comes off line/out of dryer.” – Kim Mealing

“When I hang my clothes out I hang it in groups, like husband’s clothes, my clothes, kids’ clothes. So when I take it off and fold it i can just put it away.” – Kaity Brown

“When hanging out the washing group each person’s clothing together on the line. Then when it’s dry, take it off and pack it away in each room.” – Alexandra Miller 

“De-clutter the wardrobe; don’t do washing for two weeks. Anything left in wardrobe gets thrown. Excluding fancy, special occasion and winter clothing. Works best when on holiday so you don’t throw all your clothes out while in work uniform every day!” – Kim Mealing

“Wash, in the dryer, don’t fold and throw it in the drawer (they pull it all out and throw it back in anyway). – Ashleigh Hulme 

“A load a day and I fold into baskets for each person. I have a drawer that has baskets in it so each person in our house has one. That way if I don’t get around to putting it away it is still neat and when I do put away I take a basket into that persons room.” – Tara Berger 

2014/08/25 Tracey

Adopt these ironing cheats

There’s nothing like a crisp, clean shirt to get your day off to a fresh start – but who has time to do hours of ironing? Here’s what our Babyology mums do instead:

“If you HAVE to iron, cheat. Put dry item in dryer on highest/hottest setting for five to 10 minutes, flick out and hang on hanger immediately. No wrinkles, perfect creases.” – Kim Mealing

“Put shirts on their hangers wet and let gravity take care of the creases. Haven’t needed to iron in many many years!” – Bianca de Lima

“Shake out laundry to remove most creases, hang immediately (outside if sunny or windy), fold and leave stacked to ‘press remaining creases’ (read: until enough energy to put away or you need the laundry basket again for the next load).” – Rebekah Jasper 

“Hang shirts, t-shirts, jumpers, etc on coat hangers and then onto the washing line. They dry wrinkle free and can be taken straight from line to wardrobe.” – Kat Smitheram 

If all else fails… outsource

We’re not talking about paying someone else to do your laundry – why do that when you’ve got kids?!

“Teach your kids as early as possible (I’m trying it with my 6.5 year old) how to do a load of washing. Or even hang it out for you. Share the load, literally!” – Laura Munro

“My laundry hack was three kids… worked great till they up and moved out on me several years into the game!” – Cindy Butler

“My daughter started around the age of one, gathering all the washing and putting it in the machine. All I had to do was the powder and turn it on. Once it finished she would run back in there and pull it all out. When I would go to hang it out, she’d hand me the clothes and pegs. She still does it and she’s almost four (it’s easier if you have a front loader). I also turn it off at the wall when I’m done so she can’t get her brothers stuck in it and turn it on.” – Zowie Rogerson 

cold power

There you have it – the best laundry hacks as revealed by our Babyology community. Now here’s our gem of advice – wash your clothes in something that’s suitable for the whole family, even those with sensitive skin, and make sure it’s designed for cold water use – like our mums said, sorting is optional when you’re washing in cold water! If you want something that ticks all of the laundry hack boxes, it’s hard to go past Cold Power Sensitive. The new formula is dermatologically tested and provides the same performance as the Cold Power regular range, even in cold water.

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