Babyology live chat coming soon: get your questions about antibiotics and your kids ready

NPS Medicine Wise

We’re in the throes of cold and flu season, and the doctor’s office is heaving with people coughing, sneezing and sniffling. Have you dragged the kids to your GP, convinced they needed antibiotics, only to be told they have no impact on colds and flu viruses? There’s a really important reason why GPs may advise that antibiotics are not required for these types of ailments, and our live chat with NPS MedicineWise will detail why.

When you’re convinced your child is sick enough to need antibiotics, it can be frustrating to be told by your doctor that they’re not needed for cold and flu viruses. The reason is that they aren’t effective against viruses, only against bacteria. Using them when they’re not needed contributes to antibiotic resistance.

NPS Medicine Wise

NPS MedicineWise is keen to bust some of the most common myths about antibiotics, cold and flu viruses and antibiotic resistance.

We’ll soon be hosting a live Facebook chat with pharmacist Sarah Spagnardi, who has experience in community pharmacy and providing medicines informations to consumers. Sarah manages the NPS MedicineWise Medicines Line, which is a federally-funded telephone service for consumers. It provides independent, evidence-based information on medicines – so she’s used to fielding a variety of questions! Sarah also manages the Adverse Medicine Events Line – a telephone service that helps consumers to report suspected adverse events linked to medicines.

NPS Medicine Wise

We’ll be exploring what antibiotic resistance is, and other issues about sickness and your children as part of our live Facebook chat on August 12 from 7.30pm. Have your questions for Sarah Spagnardi ready – we’re looking forward to sharing the latest information on antibiotics and kids.

Do you have questions about your medicines? You can also call Sarah’s team at the Medicines Line for information on prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines and complementary medicines on 1300 633 424. The service operates 9am-5pm Monday to Friday AEST. Calls from all states and territories except Queensland and Victoria are answered by a registered nurse from Healthdirect Australia.

(This is a sponsored post for NPS MedicineWise)

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