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Put both hands in the air if you’re an Instagram addict. Now flip your phone (for sure, it’s already in one of them) and take a selfie, or maybe a picture of the sky, or a picture of your kid’s breakfast. Or if you’re feeling particularly out there, throw your breakfast in the sky, jump into the frame and take a flying-breakfast-selfie – with lots of white space of course.


Next choose the most flattering filter and post that puppy! When you’re finished posting this no-doubt-awesome-picture, come and check out Babyology’s Instagram profile and if you like what you see feel free to follow us. You can expect lots of pretty pictures of funky fashions, cute things our kids do, first glimpses of new products and maybe – if you’re lucky – a few flying-breakfast-selfies. That’s right, Babyology is on Instagram and we would love if you joined us. #youshouldtotesfollowus

*some of the above images are #regrams from Instagram users we love, pop over to our profile and click on each photo to see who created these lovely images. 


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