Babyology hits one million likes on Facebook! And here are the posts you all liked most!

We’re a little bit excited at Babyology today because we’ve just clocked our millionth like on Facebook! That’s right, 1,000,000 likes!

So we’re taking a moment to send a giant thanks to our village of fellow Babyologists. We’re so glad to have you all check in with us every day, to have a laugh or to discuss the latest in crazy celebrity baby names, to share in the ups and downs of parenthood, to keep you updated on what’s happening and to offer you a community of support when you need it the most.

As we cartwheel around the office to celebrate that magic million milestone, we want to thank you for being part of it all with a look back at our most liked posts on Facebook. How many have you read?

aussie parenting 6

Our most liked post is one that was not only loved and shared by you, our readers, but by our entire team as well. Why? Because some days we all need a little reminder about just how important we are to the children in our lives, regardless of their ages or stages.

No matter how messy the house gets, how many times you have to repeat the word ‘no’, or how many socks you lose in the washing machine, just remember you’re doing everything right in the eyes of your child. Come and share in this simple yet priceless aspect of parenting with what all parents of little ones need to remember (especially after a hard day).

And thank you for loving it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

three year old tantrumed

Next we went deep into life with a threenager to document the 44 reasons why my daughter spat the dummy (in one day). From sitting on the wrong side of the couch to to yawning at the wrong time, come and relive some of the many completely ridiculous (but entirely relatable) debates and dramas we have with our children on a daily basis.


It’s a question we’ve all wondered – how is it possible that a baby can actually fit inside a womb? This photo series not only explains it, but shows it with stunning photos of how babies fit into such a small space. Seen over one million times, this was our this was the third most-loved article by our Babyology community.

tired parents with newborn

Our humorous guide to surviving the first three months with a newborn also struck a chord with sleep-deprived parents everywhere. Because, as any parent knows, the best way to tackle the ups and downs that come with those first few weeks is to stay positive and share a laugh or two with other parents who have been there, done that, and have the stretch marks on their bodies and the bags under their eyes to prove it.

Premature baby cover

Let’s end our recap with an article that is not only fascinating, but also inspiring – a story about a baby who was born at 22 weeks, defied the odds and proved the resilience of infants.

These are only a few of the countless stories that have made it onto our page and into your newsfeeds, that have hopefully inspired, engaged and entertained you.

So, once again, from our team to you, we thank you for your ongoing engagement, comments and support as our Babyology village hits this momentous one million milestone and as our community of mums expands. We can’t wait to continue on this parenting journey with you.

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