Babyology has a brilliant new look!


Welcome to Babyology’s brand new website! Today we’re launching a whole new look for Babyology and we can’t wait to share it with you. It’s hip, it’s fun and it’s up to the minute – just like us, really!

We’ve kept all your favourite sections in our new Babyology website, from parties and nurseries to fashion and news, and made it even easier to find and browse the stories and posts that you like to read. We’ve added a new bit too, for trending articles, so you can see what other people are reading – and loving – as well. There’s a new food category, where you’ll find all those great mealtime products and feeding gear for babies and kids, plus family recipes, dinner ideas and more.

trending babyology website

Of course, we’re hoping you’ll all be won over by our new site’s good looks, but there’s more to our new website than just an incredibly pretty new face! We’ve made it simpler to navigate and our computer boffins have introduced several more tech-type tweaks to make it load faster and look better on your mobile devices, whether you’re visiting us from the comfort of your couch or from somewhere else entirely.

You might notice too that the Chooser, Wishlist and comments have disappeared. Don’t panic – we’re working on some exciting new replacements, we promise. In the meantime, please contact us if you’d like your personal wishlist to be emailed to you and keep sending us your comments on our posts via our Facebook page.


Do come take a look around and tell us what you think of our bright new Babyology website. And stay tuned for more surprises from us soon.

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