Babyology goes to Berry NSW – Part Two

Babyology now moves on to the town of Kangaroo Valley! We visited Kangaroo Valley twice as there are a few ways to drive there and I wanted to explore both roads through the forests nearby.

On the first trip, we came across a most welcome sight! Surely the most delightful thing in the world for a child must be this; meandering on winding rural roads with views across uber-green valleys – thanks to all the recent rain – we came across… a fridge full of toffee and fudge! There it was in what seemed the middle of nowhere. The boys couldn’t believe their eyes and nor could we.

kangaroo valley with kids

One of the first places the kids spotted was a beautiful toy shop – Kangaroo Valley Woodcrafts. My favourite was the rocking kangaroo (not pictured). Then it was on to The Friendly Inn Hotel (below) for a snack, where there’s lots of of retro amusements for the kids (top and below). We went there each visit to Kangaroo Valley, hence the different outfits on the boys.

kangaroo valley weekend with kids

We loved the main street with its heritage houses, award-winning pie bakery and fabulous curios shop where we browsed old car magazines from the Fifties for quite some time.

Then it was time to return to our home-away-from-home at The Drawing Rooms of Berry, where we were greeted by this beauty. If you would like to go to Berry, please see the community website. There are monthly markets which you may want to visit – we liked to leave our weekend unstructured but there is plenty to do!

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